Rich Froning’s CrossFit Mayhem Expanding

Rich Froning opened CrossFit Mayhem in 2012, after his second CrossFit Games title. Since then, Cookeville, Tennessee has been a destination for CrossFitters to get in a workout at the gym or attend one of the numerous Level 1 and 2 seminars hosted each month.

Per the Cookeville Herald-Citizen, CrossFit Mayhem is moving to a 26,000 square foot facility over the next few months. That’s a pretty big space for a town that has a little over 30,000 residents. But according to Froning, 60-90 athletes drop-in each month and 2-3 CrossFit seminars are hosted monthly. To accommodate these needs, the new location will feature a retail shop, locker rooms, Dr. Nathaniel Mainord’s chiropractic office, Optimal Health, and more actual gym space.

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