Rogue Fitness Releases Its Own Fan Bike

Rogue Echo Bike
Rogue Echo Bike

First it was the Schwinn AirDyne. Next it was the Assault AirBike. Now, Rogue Fitness has entered the mix with its Rogue Echo Bike. It’s on sale for $750 (regularly $795)!

The bike, which Rogue calls “overbuilt” is a whopping 145 pounds and is meant to provide a smoother ride and take more abuse than its earlier competitors. The bike’s initial appearance looks a lot like the Xebex Air Bike although Rogue’s version features bold straight lines whereas the Xebex utilizes some curved metal.

Of course the Rogue Echo Bike is in a matte black powder coated finish with prominent white Rogue lettering.

The biggest question is how will the Rogue Echo Bike compare with respect to how calories are calculated. The Schwinn AirDyne and Assault AirBike’s calorie algorithm differs greatly as well as the resistance levels between the two. The next question will be whether Dave Castro and CrossFit HQ adopt the new Rogue bike when Regionals come around this spring.

Stay tuned as we learn more about the latest gear from Rogue.

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