Ronnie Teasdale has quite the history within the functional fitness and CrossFit Open/Regionals. Most recently, Teasdale competed at the 2016 California Regional, but only did one 185-pound snatch as part of the regional workout. He did the snatch and walked off. Watch the video below…it starts at the beginning of Teasdale’s heat (he’s near the top of the screen).

When it comes to the Open, Teasdale is always one of the first athletes to post a score to the leaderboard and he stays near the top until the Games-level athletes begin to post (10 minutes before the deadline). Even so, Teasdale does well without training endless hours in the CrossFit gym. He finished 22nd in the Southern California Open last year and 34th in the California Regional in 2016.

2017 looks like it might be a repeat of 2016. Teasdale has already posted his 17.1 time and it is FASTER than both Fiskowski and Vellner. Teasdale’s time of 11:36 is currently 2nd in the world right now.

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