Run-Swim-Run Event Details & More Revealed

Games veteran Scott Panchik shot up the Leaderboard on Day 2 after an event win. He sits in second overall heading into the final day.
Games veteran Scott Panchik shot up the Leaderboard on Day 2 after an event win. He sits in second overall heading into the final day. ©2017 CrossFit Inc. Used with permission from CrossFit Inc.

More details continue to be slowly released as we get closer and closer to the start of the CrossFit Games. The schedule of events was released on the app over the weekend and small pieces of events have been teased by Dave Castro.

Here are the latest details that have been released…


Beginning on Thursday morning, the Games will start with the individual athletes doing the Run-Swim-Run event. Teams, Masters and Teens will follow later in the morning. For the Individuals, Masters and Teens, the event is:

Run 1.5 Miles
Swim 500 meters around buoys in Monona Lake
Run 1.5 Miles

The Team Run-Swim-Run event details have yet to be released.

Bike Event

Later on Thursday morning, the individual athletes will get on their bikes. The event is scheduled for more than three hours, from 10:10am to 1:25pm at Quann Park. Could the athletes be on their bike for 2-3 hours or are they going to be shuttled off-site to some trails?

Sprint O-Course

We know it will be a custom-designed obstacle course, but we had no clues as to the length or the format of the event. The name, Sprint O-Course, means it will be a fast one and could be in a similar tournament-style format as the 2012 obstacle course at Camp Pendleton. The athletes will take on the obstacle course Friday morning.

After Castro revealed an obstacle course this year, it was unclear whether anyone else other than the individuals would have a shot at it. All divisions will have a run through the obstacle course on Friday, including the teams.

1RM Snatch

At 2:10pm on Friday afternoon, the individual athletes will find their 1RM snatch. The format is still unknown, but it will be a great to see the top athletes put up big weight with a barbell.

And not just the individuals will be snatching. The teens and masters (35-49 age divisions) will also have the same one-rep max event. These, however, will be on Thursday.

Team Clean & Jerk

It’s on Friday and likely in the Coliseum. Here are the details of the event.

Coliseum Events (Teens & Masters)

When the schedule was released there was some confusion as to who could go inside the Coliseum and watch the teens and masters compete. CrossFit clarified that this evening and announced that the Coliseum will be open to fans with festival passes and that it will be general admission seating. However, once the teams and individuals take the floor in the afternoon, those with just a festival pass will have to leave the Coliseum.

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