Sam Briggs apparently was not satisfied with her Open Announcement performance. At a blazing 10:14, good for the top of the leaderboard, Briggs has re-done 17.1.

The Open leaderboard now shows Briggs with a time of 9:47, the only sub-10 minute time in the world for both men and women. As of this morning, Kari Pearce’s time of 10:16 would still be 2nd to Briggs’ initial performance.

The 35-year-old’s (yeah, she’s technically a Master’s athlete) repeat of 17.1 was done at CrossFit Heald Green in Manchester, England. While no video is yet available now, it will be available if she ends up taking the top spot worldwide.

Sam Briggs Goes Sub-10 in 17.1
Sam Briggs Goes Sub-10 in 17.1

Keep in mind this unreal performance was done in a season where Briggs underwent shoulder surgery in August to have her labrum reattached, bicep tendon repaired and the end of her AC joint removed

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