Standings after Day 2 at Wodapalooza

The day started out much nicer on Saturday, but ended just like it started on Friday. As the Elite Women took the stage late Saturday night during Heat 1, the rain started to fall. Heat 2 then took the stage, but were then pulled off as the rain and winds intensified. At last, the women tackled the Snatch Medley to end Day 2.

Here are the standings for the Elite Individual and Team competitions. Get ready for day 3 as anything can happen!

Elite Men

Noah Ohlsen widened his first place margin on Saturday with a 1st place finish in the Swim Triplet and followed that up with an 18th and 3rd place finish in the Snatch couplet. He now leads Jeff Evans by 43 points. It looks like Ohlsen has a back-to-back victory sealed up, but anything can happen going into Sunday’s events.

  1. Noah Ohlsen – 421 points
  2. Jeff Evans – 378 points
  3. Cole Sager – 377 points
  4. Will Moorad – 376 points
  5. Jacob Anderson – 373 points


Elite Women

Just like the men, Brooke Wells remained at the top of the leaderboard after Day 2. With three top 10 performances on Saturday Wells increased her lead to 35 points, but Emily Bridgers moved up to second place and is looking for a strong day on Sunday to possibly catch Wells.

Natalie Newhart won the Swim Triplet, but as we have seen in the past the heavier events have hurt her. Newhart finished 4th in the metcon portion of the Snatch Medley, but took 27th place in the snatch portion. While Newhart remains in 3rd place overall, she left a lot of points on the table. Will she be able to make those up on the Balls and Bells event?

  1. Brooke Wells – 445 points
  2. Emily Bridgers – 410 points
  3. Natalie Newhart – 406 points
  4. Tasia Percevecz – 389 points
  5. Kari Pearce – 387 points


Elite Men Team

Just like the Individual competition, CrossFit Shrewsberry hung onto their lead after Day 2. Their best event was the snatch portion of the Snatch medley where they accumulated 775 pounds, placing them 3rd in that event.

Athletigen and Team Panchik slowly moved up the leaderboard on Saturday, but they have some work to do in order to catch the team who has surprised everyone so far. And we can’t talk Men’s Team without mentioning Rich Froning. Froning’s Freedom Men looked like they figured it out with a 2nd place finish on the Swim Triplet. However, they finished in the middle of the pack, 17th and 14th, in the Snatch Medley leaving them in 9th overall with little chance to make the podium.

  1. CrossFit Shrewsberry – 412 points (Trevor James, Corey Lunney, Anthony Vasquez)
  2. Athletigen – 397 points (Mitch Barnard, Brent Fikowski, Albert Larouche)
  3. Team Panchik – 392 points (Scott Panchik, Spencer Panchik, Saxon Panchik)
  4. RX Smart Gear 2.0 – 383 points (Nick Urankar, Wes Piatt, Julian Alcaraz)
  5. Fitaid Misfits – 360 points (Joe Kearney, Cody Mooney, Travis Williams)


Elite Women Team

In the mostly hotly contested competition, Team Progenex is still in the lead, but only holds an 11 point advantage over Two Grown Ups and 12 points over The Kid and The Ladies of RX Smart Gear. After that, there is a huge drop off in points which means the podium is probably locked up by these three teams. We just won’t know the order until after Sunday.

  1. Team Progenex – 436 points (Lauren Fisher, Stacie Tovar, Molly Vollmer)
  2. Two Grown Ups and The Kid – 425 points (Val Voboril, Regan Huckaby, Maddie Myers)
  3. The Ladies of RX Smart Gear – 424 points (Chyna Cho, Cassidy Lance, Jennifer Smith)
  4. Team Soul Women Black – 369 points (Melisa Alonso, Danielle Llopiz, Nadia Zebouni)
  5. Dancer and the Stars – 362 points (Jenny Dancer, Kris Cleaver, Jenn Jones)


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