Following the closure of the leaderboard last week, it looked like Rogue Red was going to take the top prize by narrowly edging out Team Reebok Reunited. The two-time defending champs, Team Reebok Reunited, appeared to take 2nd place with Rogue Fitness Black in 3rd place.

However, CrossFit HQ reviewed the videos of the top 10 teams and ended up penalizing 9 of those teams for questionable reps on Events 5 and 6. In total, there were 6 penalties handed out for Event 5 and 7 penalties for Event 6.

The handstand push-ups were apparently the culprit in Event 5 as many of the top athletes were failing to lock out at the top. On Event 6, it was all about the muscle-ups. Athletes were said to not lock out at the top of the rings.

CrossFit HQ did not specify the exact penalties handed out to each team, but Rich Froning’s Rogue Fitness Black appears to have taken one of the biggest hits. They moved down to 6th place, from 3rd, following the penalties. The only team that did not receive a penalty was The Bell Province. The Canadian team moved up from 6th to 4th place.

The top 10 teams appear to be settled, but CrossFit HQ is in the process of reviewing the 11th through 15th place teams to validate the final placements receiving a payout. Here are the standings as they currently stand.

1st $30,000 Reebok Reunited
2nd $25,000 Rogue Red
3rd $20,00 FitAID Misfits
4th $15,000 The Bell Province
5th $12,000 Team Kill Cliff
6th $10,000 Rogue Fitness Black
7th $8,000 Team Rogue Unicorns
8th $7,000 Cool Whip and a Chocolate Chip
9th $6,000 Team Reebok CrossFit One
10th $5,000 Jersey Shore’s Finest
11th $4,000 CompWOD*
12th $3,000 CFQC-CFL*
13th $2,500 EVERNOX*
14th $2,000 Delaware’s Fittest*
15th $1,500 ArchStars*

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