Only Dave Castro would spend so much time thinking about burpee standards. Before the 20818 CrossFit Open, Castro changed the burpee standard for athletes performing workouts Rx. No longer would the athletes be able to step up from the bottom of the burpee. Instead athletes would need to kick both feet back and jump back up from the bottom.

Now before Regionals, Castro has changed up the burpee for the teams. Rather than facing the Worm during burpees, athletes will be parallel to the Worm. On top of that, two athletes will be on each side of the Worm making communication and coordination just a little bit harder.

The big question outstanding though is, will teams be allowed to step up from the burpee or will the new standards from the Open still be in play? The movement standards do not specifically call out the new requirement, but the athletes in the video above do adhere to it.

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