Teenage Boys CrossFit Games Recap

George Sterner during the Squat Clean event at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games
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The Teenage Boys featured the champions from both the 14-15 and 16-17 divisions in 2015. Nicholas Paladino won the 16-17 division and Angelo DiCicco won the 14-15 division last year, but aged up to the older division this year. With DiCicco moving to the older age division, that left the 14-15 division to Luke Pearson and Vincent Ramirez to battle for the top of the podium.

Vincent Ramirez left nothing to chance heading into the final event as he had already secured the top spot, but continued his domination with another event victory. Ramirez won 4 of the 7 events and finished with 658 points out of a possible 700. Zach Mayer edged out Tim Pearson in the final event to take 2nd place overall.

Nicholas Paladino finished with 650 points in 2015 with four event victories. He one upped himself by finishing with 670 points in 2016 and cruised to another CrossFit Games Teenage title. George Sterner took 2nd place while last year’s 14-15 champion, Angelo DiCicco held on to 3rd place.

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