The Muscle-Up Clean Ladder Gets Heavy!

Jon Pera at the 2015 CrossFit Games
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Last night at the individual athlete dinner, Dave Castro shared some* details of the Muscle-Up Clean Ladder. Last week Castro hinted at the event by having fans guess at filling in the blanks to win a prize.

Well, Castro filled in the blanks and those blanks are HEAVY! The Saturday workout will feature increasing weights each round. For the men, the final two cleans are a whopping 350 pounds. For the women, 235 pounds.

Of course, Castro has not quite given all the details. One of the athletes asked if the muscle-ups are strict and Castro responded with, “some details will not be cleared tonight.”

So what could that mean?

They could be strict…which really wouldn’t be a big deal. They did 10 rounds of 4 strict muscle-ups last year during Regional Nate.

They could be with a wall-ball between the legs. It would add complexity, but not a show stopper.

How about strict with a weight vest? Possibly, but that could be awkward taking that on and off between cleans…unless they have to wear a weight vest on the cleans!

What do you think? Any other guesses as to what curve ball Castro might throw at the athletes?

Here is the breakdown of the weights:

8 rounds for time of:
4 muscle-ups
2 cleans, ascending weight

M 225-245-265-285-305-320-335-350 lb.
F 145-160-175-190-205-215-225-235 lb.

The final weight is 25 pounds heavier for the men and 20 pounds heavier for the women than last year’s Squat Clean Pyramid. And compared to the Speed Clean Ladder from 2014, the final weight of the 1 squat clean was 345/225 pounds.

Add in 32 muscle-ups (with a possible twist) and make the cleans a double, it will definitely be interesting.

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