“The Road To The Games: Part One” by Training Think Tank

In case you missed it, Chris Norman (aka CTPCAM) of Barbell Shrugged joined Training Think Tank a few months ago and has been creating video content for them. After a series of shorter videos, Norman has released the first video of a documentary series covering the CrossFit Open at Training Think Tank.

The documentary spends a lot of the time interviewing the coaches at Training Think Tank (8 coaches in total). CrossFit Games veterans Travis Mayer and Noah Ohlsen, both Training Think Tank athletes, are interviewed as well.

Watch as Max El-Hag and the other coaches approached Dave Castro’s hint of dumbbells being the Open and how they worked with their athletes to be prepared for them. At the end, El-Hag describes his discussions with Mayer about a mindset entering the Open workouts and how to ensure you maximize potential.

Check out the rest of the content on Training Think Tank’s YouTube channel.

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