Trevor Bachmeyer of SmashweRx Disqualified from CrossFit Regionals

Trevor Bachmeyer of SmashwoRx (via YouTube screen cap)
Trevor Bachmeyer of SmashwoRx (via YouTube screen cap)

[Update: CrossFit shows the video on the Update Show below.]

CrossFit Games posted a special announcement late Monday night that Trevor Bachmeyer (unaffiliated) was disqualified from the 2017 CrossFit Regionals after his video was deemed invalid. Bachmeyer, known for his SmashweRx YouTube channel discussing mobility, finished 1st in the worldwide Men’s Masters 40-44 division and 2nd in the Northern California region of the Open division.

However, upon review of his 17.3 video submission a CrossFit judge flagged the video and requested additional videos to be reviewed. After analysis of 17.5, Bachmeyer has been alleged to perform the first round of the thruster and double-under couplet and then edited the video to loop that round 10 times. CrossFit’s video department also reviewed the tape confirming that Bachmeyer did not follow the video standards.

Bachmeyer’s scores have been removed from the Masters and Northern California leaderboards. Additionally, Bachmeyer has been banned from competing in any CrossFit-sanctioned event for four years beginning April 11, 2017. Bachmeyer has yet to appeal the decision.


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