USA Functional Fitness National Championship Events Released

The inaugural USA Functional Fitness (USAFF) National Championship is September 8-10 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The events were recently released on the USAFF’s website.

The three-day event will have two events each day and will be based on a standardized template that will test Aerobic Capacity, Maximal Strength, Bodyweight Endurance, Bodyweight Skill, Mixed Modal and Power. The events within these six categories will change at each competition, but it does give the athletes an idea of what to expect prior to the events being released.

Here are the event descriptions:

Event 1 – Aerobic Capacity
Run 800m
Rest 90 seconds
Run 800m

Event 2 – Maximal Strength
5 Minutes to find max weight of 1 Ground-to-Shoulder + 3 Front Squats

Event 3 – Bodyweight Endurance
5 Rounds for Time:
500m Row
12 Unbroken Toes-to-Bar
20 Handstand Push-ups
Time Cap: 22 minutes

Event 4 – Bodyweight Skill
50 ft Handstand walk
1 L Sit Rope Climb
50 ft Handstand walk
2 L Sit Rope Climb
50 ft Handstand walk
3 L Sit Rope Climb
50 ft Handstand walk
4 L Rope Climb
50 ft Handstand walk
Time Cap: 13 minutes

Event 5 – Mixed Modal
45 Lateral burpees box jump overs 24″/20”
60 Deadlifts 79kg/60kg (175#/135#)
75 Wallball shots 9kg/6kg (20#/14#) all athletes to a 10 foot target
Time Cap: 15 minutes

Event 6 – Power
13 Snatch (any style) – 70kg/52kg (155lbs/115lbs)
90 Double Unders
Time Cap: 3 minutes

The programming seems very similar to CrossFit Regional programming with six events over the course of three days and a final event that will be fast. The top 12 men and top 12 women will earn a spot on the United States national team and will compete at the iF3 World Championships in October.

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