What New Elements Could We See in the 2018 CrossFit Games Season?

Each year CrossFit athletes begin to train different movements hoping to get lucky when CrossFit Games programmer Dave Castro announces events for the Open, Regionals and the 2018 CrossFit Games.

With the 2018 Open approaching, we’ve seen a few CrossFit Games athletes test a few of those speculated movements. Some had success, while others – well let’s just say triple unders can leave some scars.

Here are some successes and failures from the athletes. Maybe Castro will consider the movements the more they practice them.


Since handstand walk obstacle courses are all the rage nowadays 🙃

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The 2018 Open begins February 22nd and ends March 26th. Registration for the Open begins Thursday, Jan. 11. You can sign up for the Open at games.crossfit.com.

Jim Isbell
Jim Isbell is a contributing writer at The Barbell Spin. He trains at Crossfit Fort Worth in the great state of Texas.

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