The 2016 USAW American Open Series will take a look at two weight categories every weekday through Wednesday, December 7, the day before the start of the American Open.

Take a look at the previews already posted:
Women’s 48kg
Women’s 53kg
Women’s 58kg
Men’s 56kg
Men’s 62kg

The Men’s 69kg A Session is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, at 4:30pm EST. It will be a jam packed time slot as the Men’s 77kg and 85kg A sessions will be on the other two platforms. However, the “LeBron James of Weightlifting” CJ Cummings will be taking the platform in the Men’s 69kg weight category. The biggest question in this weight category is who will take 2nd and 3rd place.

Last year’s medalists were:

Place  Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
1 CJ Cummings (130) CJ Cummings (170) CJ Cummings (300)
2 Dominic Stolle (126) Caleb Williams (160) Caleb Williams (283)
3 Michael Szela (125) Michael Szela (151) Michael Szela (276)

Here’s who to look out for this year…

CJ Cummings

CJ Cummings at 2016 National Junior Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (John Kellar)

CJ Cummings was born in 2000 and is only 16 years old, but he is already one of the best male weightlifters in the United States. Cummings already owns the Men’s Senior Clean & Jerk and Total American Records in the 69kg category and the Clean & Jerk in the 62kg category. He owns the Youth American Records for the 50kg, 56kg and 62kg categories and the Junior American Records for the 69kg category and the Clean & Jerk in the 62kg category.

On the international stage, Cummings has the Youth World Record for the Clean & Jerk and Total in the 69kg category.

Barring something extraordinary, Cummings will take gold again at the American Open.

Michael Szela

Michael Szela at 2016 USAW National Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life

Michael Szela’s entry total is only 260kg, but don’t let that fool you. Szela totalled 279kg at the 2016 USAW National Championships earlier this year. While it won’t be enough to overtake Cummings, it will put him in great position for a silver medal.

Aaron Addison

Aaron Addison at U25 Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (O’Keefe Photography)

Aaron Addison just finished competing in the 2016 FISU World University Championships in Mexico. Addison took 6th place and finished with a 272kg total in which he only went 3-for-6 and left a lot on the platform. If Addison can for 4-for-6 or even 5-for-6, he should be in the hunt for a medal.

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