Help CrossFit Games Veteran Shana Alverson Compete at the Masters World Weightlifting Championships

For those who may not been around CrossFit prior to 2012, Shana Alverson is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete. Nicknamed the Unicorn, Alverson competed at the CrossFit Games from 2009 through 2012. Her best finish was 25th in 2009.

Since then, Alverson competed in GRID. She was drafted by the Philadelphia Founders in the inaugural 2014 NPGL draft. However, after a bad training camp she was diagnosed with stage III adrenal fatigue. She sat out the 2014 season as a reserve on the Founders and then became a free agent heading into the 2015 season after the Founders folded.

Alverson then joined the Assassins, a team in the Southern Amateur GRID League (SAGL) as one of the 40+ athletes on the team. Alverson and the Assassins went on to compete in the SAGL championship match.

Since then, Alverson started doing some weightlifting meets for fun and ended up qualifying for the 2016 Masters World Weightlifting Championships as 63kg lifter in the 40-44 division. The competition is in Heinsheim, Germany, next month (October).

The costs to travel across the globe in addition to entry fees and other costs to compete at this level are not within Alverson’s means. She has started a GoFundMe campaign for those who are interested in supporting her in her journey to Germany.

So far, over $5,700 of her $8,725 goal has been donated. To help the Unicorn get to Germany and compete on the platform, visit her GoFundMe campaign. She is also raffling off some of her jersey from the CrossFit Games on EBay here, here and here.

You can follow Shana on Instagram (@shana_a), Twitter (@ShanaAlverson) and Facebook (@shana.alverson).

Here is the video from Alverson’s qualifying meet…

To say I had a really great #meet today would be an understatement… I went 3/3 in #snatch with 65/68/71 kg (meet PR!) – then 3/3 in the #cleanandjerk with 85/89/94 kg (lifetime PR) and #PR total at 165 kg!! I also won #Sinclair Total!! Big thanks to @ryanwtyler for being the most flexible meet #coach and understanding my strange ways. Thanks to @carmackdan and @mhbaird85 for cheering and videoing. Thanks @heavymetalbarbellclub for providing the focus and helping me get back in the groove after being injured for so long. Thanks @hdbarbellclub for hosting a very professional and efficient local meet. It was a pleasure and I will be back again!! Here’s my #snatches if y’all want to watch 🙂 #weightlifting #liftlife #liftalltheweights #swolepatrol #girlswhoweightlift #girlswholift #thisis40 #squat #ilovelift #goheavy #itsnotpilates

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