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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reached a conclusion on 11 athletes’ reanalysis testing and has disqualified their results from the 2008/2012 Olympic Games. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) will take over the cases after the appeal deadline expires for these athletes.

Beijing 2008
HASANOV, Sardar (AZE) 62 kg
KOROBKA, Olha (UKR) +75 kg
RYBAKOU, Andrei (BLR) 85 kg

London 2012
SAZANAVETS, Dzina (BLR) 69 kg
PODOBEDOVA, Svetlana (KAZ) 75 kg
MANEZA, Maiya (KAZ) 63 kg
CHINSHANLO, Zulfiya (KAZ) 53 kg
NOVIKAVA, Nastassia (BLR) 53 kg
SHKERMANKOVA, Marina (BLR) 69 kg
ZHARNASEK, Yauheni (BLR) +105 kg
AUKHADOV, Apti (RUS) 85 kg

To date, 48 athletes have been caught in the IOC’s reanalysis testing program. However, only 6 have been closed by the IOC and moved to the IWF’s supervision. None have been closed by both organizations.

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