Kazakhstan Weightlifter, Vladimir Sedov, Talks Doping Allegations

Vladimir Sedov is a weightlifter from Kazakhstan. Sedov served a two-year ban in 2006 for doping, but came back to take 4th place in the 85kg weight class at the 2008 Olympics. In 2009, Sedov won gold at the World Weightlifting Championships.

Following the announcement that four Kazakhstan weightlifters tested positive during the IOC retesting program, a reporter from informburo.kz, a news agency in Kazakhstan, sat down with Sedov to get his reaction. Here’s a portion of the interview:

– Vladimir, when I was preparing for this interview, I was convinced that I’ll start our conversation with a question that of a nervous breakdown occurred to you in the championship of Kazakhstan in Taldykorgan. However, yesterday’s horror called “Ilyin, Podobedova, Maneza and Chinshanlo can be disqualified for doping,” he forced me to make some adjustments in his diary. The whole country is shocked by what he heard. And you?

– Such news can not be good. Four Olympic champions are on the brink of a precipice. Very worried about the children, to me they are in any case remain triumphant London. All four of them “died” in the hall, fighting for the country on the main start of every four years. They are not to blame for what happened.

– And who is to blame?

– For all the doping scandals should answer the head coach of Kazakhstan Alexey Ni. Its’ his job. But Svetlana, Zulfiya and Maya – very nice people. The girls had a difficult life situation. They will of fate has brought in Kazakhstan, our country, they brought a lot of benefits.

– Most likely, our weightlifters are now deprive gold of London and will not be allowed to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro …

– In this case, Brazil must go to our young guys. In Kazakhstan, a lot of strong weightlifters. We have a future.

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