Nike Romaleos 3 Photo Released

Nike Romaleos 3 Sneak Peek
via Instagram (@garagegymreviews)

We’ve seen a prototype of the Nike Romaleos 3 worn by Anthony Pomponio at the 2015 American Open last December. The all-black version provided some clues about the shoe, but the photos were not clear enough to get a clear enough view.

Last night, however, a better view of the much anticipated weightlifting shoe was posted by Garage Gym Reviews on Instagram. The black and gray shoe has a very similar appearance the the Nike Metcon 2, but with the raised heel for added mobility.

The toe features the Nike Swoosh on what appears to be the same material as the Metcon 2. The toe box also has plenty of ventilation, a fix for one of the few complaints of the Nike Romaleos 2.

The Romaleos 3 only has one strap over the mid-foot versus the two straps on the Romaleos 2. The heel cup appears to be made of a similar material of the existing shoe, but with a smooth look and feel.


Overall, the shoe appears to be made for flexibility and comfort versus the Romaleos 2 that are almost indestructible. Comments on social media have been mixed with some looking forward to the release while others appear to be content with their existing Romaleos 2.

Another colorway on Training Shoe Club’s Instagram page:

Nike Romaleos 3. They’re coming!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #TrainingShoeClub

A photo posted by Training Shoe Club (@trainingshoeclub) on

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