Records Fall at 2016 National University & Under 25 Championships

Megan Seegert with 92kg American University Clean & Jerk at 2016 USAW University Championships
Photo Credit: Lifting Life (O'Keefe Photography)

The 2016 USAW National University and Under 25 Championships wrapped up this past weekend in New Orleans and the Junior and University lifters didn’t disappoint.

In total, five American Junior Records were broken by two women, Megan Seegert and Jourdan Delacruz. On the University side, 12 American University Records were broken. In one session alone, the 48kg female American University Record Clean & Jerk was broken four times with Megan Seegert ultimately walking away with the record on a 92kg clean and jerk.

Only two American University Records were broken by male athletes while the majority of the records were seen on the female side. Mattie Rogers once again set more records, this time for the American University Records.

The list below shows all of the records that fell over the weekend.

    • Megan Seegert (48kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (92kg)
      • Total (163kg)
    • Jourdan Delacruz (53kg)
      • Snatch (79kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (95kg)
      • Total (174kg)
    • Megan Seegert (48kg)
      • Snatch (71kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (92kg)
      • Total (163kg)
    • Kerri Keegan (48kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (86kg, later broken)
    • Shannon McNames (48kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (85kg, later broken)
    • Suzy Sanchez (48kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (83kg, later broken)
    • Cecily Basques (63kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (116kg)
    • Mattie Rogers (69kg)
      • Snatch (101kg)
      • Clean & Jerk (127kg)
      • Total (228kg)
    • Brey Kobashigawa (56kg)
      • Snatch (102kg)
    • James Tatum (85kg)
      • Snatch (159kg)

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