Shana Alverson after successfully weighing in at 2016 IWF Masters World Championships
via Instagram (@shana_a)

Shana Alverson made a name for herself in the sport of CrossFit, but just made a splash in the world of weightlifting. Alverson traveled to Germany last week to compete in the IWF Masters World Championships.

Alverson, competing in the 63kg weight class of the W40 age group, went 4-for-6 and finished with a 76kg snatch and 97kg clean and jerk for a 173kg total. The 97kg clean and jerk is a 63kg W40 world record by 2kg.

In addition to winning her weight class and setting a world record, Alverson was also named the best lifter of all the W40 weight classes. In fact, Alverson lifted more than any other W40 competitor, even in the +75kg weight class. She also would have won the W35 weight class.

Here are results of Alverson’s weight class and age group.
Shana Alverson sets IWF Masters 63kg W40 World Record C&J

For the full results of the 2016 IWF Masters World Championships, click here.

Alverson took time to give an update via her Instagram page and thanked all of the people who supported her weightlifting journey.

I wish I could have a 30 min mini-documentary of this trip so far- so much wonderfulness it’s hard to fit into a minute. This video is of my successful lifts from IWF Masters Worlds yesterday. I finished with 76/97/173 … the 97kg clean & jerk is a world record for w40 by 2kg. They made sure I knew how to say “Ich bin Weltmeisterin!” I am world champion! I also won best lifter across all of the w40 weight classes 🙂 @iwfnet Masters put on an amazing competition. Organized, professional and well-run – I was very impressed. I have so many people to thank and so many things to say about this experience- Instagram has a character limit and it won’t be possible to fit them all into this space. Those of you who have been following my training kind of have a sense of what I’ve put myself through over the last 9 months or so. @movegym has been the most solid, stalwart, kindest, and supportive ever. @maxsgym and @seanmrigsby have been instrumental in guiding my training. @carmackdan is still alive, so that’s something. (And so is @ryanwtyler ) Every single person who contributed to my gofundme – can’t possibly fit all of your names here – but I hopefully have sent each of you a personal note. Next stop American Open in December! #weightlifting #olympiclifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #liftlife

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