Thuri Helgadottir had a great weekend. After setting a snatch PR at 84kg (185 pounds), Helgadottir set a new Icelandic clean & jerk record in the 63kg weight category at the Icelandic Weightlifting National Championships. The 106kg clean & jerk gave Helgadottir a 190kg total, good for an easy 1st place finish.

The record setting clean & jerk did have some suspense…twice. First, in the catch Helgadottir swayed and had to maintain her balance before standing up the weight. After fighting to stand it up, she caught the weight low and her back knee almost* touched the platform.

Some have viewed the video and believe her back knee did touch the platform, although it was very close to call. Regardless, the judges called it a good lift and a new Icelandic record was set. Check out the video above…what do you think?

Still can’t get over the amazing day I had at the @icelandic_weightlifting national championships today 😃 The @crossfitgames season starts this week and it could not be off to a better start!! – My results were 190 kg (418 lbs) total: a 84 kg (185 lbs) snatch and a 106 kg (233 lbs) clean & jerk, which is just over 260 Sinclair points. All of those are Icelandic #records and I now hold all records in both the -63 kg and -58 kg categories! And the snatch is a PR I have been waiting for for sooooo long 💥 – Additionally I was drug tested for the SECOND time in only this past MONTH by the Weightlifting federation, along with a lot more athletes. I am so impressed with the doping control and thankful for the effort that is being put into keeping the sport as clean as possible! 🚫💉💊🚫 – Huge thanks to my coaches, team mates from CF Sport, my cheerleaders and all my sponsors (tagged in the photo). Could not do any of this without all of you!! ❤❤ #smallbutmighty #roadtothegames #crossfit #weightlifting

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Helgadottir also mentions that she was drug tested by the Icelandic Weightlifting Federation for the 2nd time this month. Iceland takes its drug testing seriously. The Icelandic CrossFit Association disqualified and suspended several athletes this past November for refusing to take a drug test after winning a competition.

Now, Helgadottir will turn her focus to the CrossFit Games season. The CrossFit Open begins on Thursday with the release of 17.1.

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