Individual and Team CrossFit Semifinal Event Schedule Revealed!

A few weeks ago we found out that teams would only be competing two days, Friday and Saturday, during this year’s Semifinals. This changed begged the question on what the event schedule would look like with individuals still slated to compete on all three days.

While CrossFit had not yet published the event schedule on its website, Torian Pro did. Yesterday afternoon I ran across the competition schedule on the Torian Pro website, which had the elite individual and team event schedule.

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Teams will take on three events on Friday and the remaining two on Saturday afternoon with the award ceremony following the conclusion of Team Event 5. For individuals, only one event – the long run/clean & jerk event, is programmed for Friday. Individuals then face two events on Saturday and then Sunday, with half the points still remaining, will see the final three events.

The first heat begins at 9:00am local time all three days. Saturday runs the longest with the final team event not wrapping up until 7:45pm.

Here is the event schedule for the 2024 CrossFit Semifinals:


Team Event 1 (9:00am – 11:00am)
Team Event 2 (11:25am – 12:40pm)
Indy Event 1 (1:20pm – 3:45pm)
Team Event 3 (4:10pm – 6:30pm)


Indy Event 2 (9:00am – 12:40pm)
Team Event 4 (12:55pm – 2:15pm)
Indy Event 3 (2:50pm – 6:20pm)
Team Event 5 (6:30pm – 7:45pm)
*Team podium ceremony to follow Team Event 5


Indy Event 4 (9:00am – 11:45am)
Indy Event 5 (12:20pm – 3:00pm)
Indy Event 6 (3:25pm – 5:00pm)
*Individual podium ceremony to follow Indy Event 6

If you missed the individual and team event descriptions, you can find those here.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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