Last night we shared the news that CrossFit had handed out 24 minor penalties following video review of 20.3. One of the questions we were waiting on from that week’s review was whether Jacob Heppner’s knuckle handstand push-ups would be deemed legal.

If you remember, Heppner was unable to meet the new handstand push-up in the 2018 CrossFit Open. When 18.4 was repeated as 20.3 this year, many, including us, expected it to be a problem once again for the 4-time CrossFit Games veteran.

Instead, Heppner got creative and did his handstand push-ups on his knuckles. By making a fist and then doing the handstand push-ups, the extra couple inches of height allowed him to get his heels over the line.

Heppner would go on to post a time of 7:22, good for 59th in the world on 20.3. While 20.4 and 20.5 are still not official, Heppner sits in 20th overall and is well within a Top 20 qualifying spot.