CrossFit HQ has confirmed that Kristin Holte and Frederik Aegidius are the winners of 20.2. But while it was no surprise that they were declared the winners, it was not as simple as expected. Both were atop the leaderboard since submissions were finalized, however technical difficulties and a minor penalty made things interesting.

For Holte, her main video encountered technical difficulties. Fortunately, he had a backup recording that was able to be used to verify her score. Holte’s 1,045, or 30+ rounds, held up and earned her $2,020 for the top female performance.

Aegidius posted a score 1,030 for 20.2 right after it was announced that he received a major penalty for his 20.1 video submission. Upon video review, Aegidius was assessed a minor penalty for a false start.

His score was adjusted by 2 points, giving him a total score of 1,028. That score put him in a tie with Derek Saltou (USA). Saltou, however, did not submit a video for review. Because of that, CrossFit has awarded Aegidius the winner of 20.2.

You can watch Aegidius’ video here.

As for Saltou, 20.2 was a bit of an anomaly considering 20.1 he finished 571st overall and 20.3 has him in 2,081st in the world. Last year Saltou placed 300th worldwide.

This year, the CrossFit Games rulebook requires athletes who are in the top 40 worldwide at the end of each week will be required to submit a video for review. Athletes who fail to submit a video may have their score invalidated and changed to a zero. Because Saltou is not in the top 40 worldwide, it does not appear that he is required to submit a video. However, by declining to submit a video he was ineligible to take 1st place on the workout.

After 20.2, Lefteris Theofanidis and Sara Sigmundsdottir hold the top spots on the worldwide leaderboard. However, with CrossFit now reviewing videos each week, we anticipate seeing more penalties announced…similar to the 20.1 penalties.

If it was anything like the first week, those penalties could have major ramifications on the overall leaderboard.