CrossFit Games veterans and Australians James Newbury and Kara Saunders have joined the fight to #SaveAussieSupplements. For those unaware, there is a proposal in Australia that would require all health and sports supplements to be approved by the TGA, or the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The TGA is an arm of Australia’s Department of Health. Similar to the United States’ FDA, the TGA regulates prescription medicine, vaccines, sunscreens, vitamins and minerals, medical devices and blood and blood products.

The TGA has proposed reform that is meant to protect the Australian citizens by testing products to ensure products do not contain the wrong active ingredient, product claims are supported by scientific evidence and advertising does not promote excessive or inappropriate use.

The Save Aussie Supplements Campaign has been formed to bring awareness to Australians and urge the TGA to extend the December 3 deadline. According to the website, the supplement industry could face a $1.1 billion AUD impact that could potentially lead to job losses, company closures and fewer choices for consumers.

Additionally, up to 70,000 products could be taken off the shelves until the TGA can complete its review of the products that would be under this regulation. According to the Save These products would include:

All Australian-made supplemental foods in powder, liquid, capsule, tablet and pill could be impacted including sports supplements for:

Pre and post workout, fat loss, muscle gain, mental performance, stamina, and hormones.

Herbal products such as those for gut health, stress, sleep aids, antioxidants and plant-based nutrient and vitamin blends are also within the scope as well as super foods for example apple cider vinegar, herbals, fruit powders, dolomite and fermented, plant based functional foods.

The Save Aussie Supplements Campaign is using the #SaveAussieSupplements on social media to bring awareness to Australians. Over 200 posts have used the hashtag so far.

James Newbury and Kara Saunders recently each shared posts on Instagram and used the #SaveAussieSupplements hashtag. Both Newbury and Saunders are urging people from around the world to sign an online document showing their support to extend the deadline. 

Currently, over 7,600 people have signed the online petition. People outside of Australia are also encouraged to sign the petition to show support from around the world.

Sign the online petition here.