Sara Sigmundsdottir Wins CrossFit Filthy 150; Andrea Solgberg Earns Games Invite

Sara Sigmundsdottir is one video review away from winning her second consecutive CrossFit Open and qualifying for the CrossFit Games once again. However, that did not stop her from stepping on the competition floor for the first Sanctional of the 2020 CrossFit Games season. The CrossFit Filthy 150 invited athletes from around the world to Dublin, Ireland, in an attempt to earn an invite to compete at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

For athletes like Sigmundsdottir, Kristin Holte and Emma McQuaid who are on their way to qualify via the Games, the CrossFit Filthy 150 gives them an opportunity to compete face-to-face and to try to win some prize money.

For the rest, an invite to the CrossFit Games is on the line.

Over the past three days, the individual athletes took on nine scored events culminating in the final event Sunday evening. Throughout the competition, Sigmundsdottir was near the top of the leaderboard. After winning the final event on Friday night with a 95kg snatch, Sigmundsdottir stood atop the leaderboard.

From there, Holte would put some pressure on the Icelandic Games veteran, but Sigmundsdottir continued to answer the call. Throughout the weekend, Sigmundsdottir never finished an event worse than 3rd and scored two event victories.

Holte nearly matched Sigmundsdottir’s consistency with the exception of a 9th place finish on the 1RM Snatch event and a 4th place finish on the final event, Squared & Rooted. Holte would go on to finish 2nd overall.

Soon to be a two-time Irish National Champion, Emma McQuaid stayed off the radar throughout the weekend on her way to a 3rd place finish.

Behind these three women, however, was a battle for a CrossFit Games invite. Athletes like Andrea Solberg, Sam Briggs, Emelie Lundberg and Stephanie Chung were in contention at some point in the weekend to take the top non-qualified spot.

Emelie Lundberg and Stephanie Chung struggled on the first two events Sunday, leaving Solberg ahead in the standings. However, Briggs made a charge on Sunday with a 3rd place finish and an event win to begin the day.

Entering the final event, Solberg held a 42-point advantage over the 2013 CrossFit Games champion. Briggs would end up beating Solberg on the final event, taking 7th place. However, Solberg would finish seconds later in 9th place. Briggs was unable to gain enough points.

And with that, Andrea Solberg earned the first Sanctional invite to the CrossFit Games. Solberg finished 97th in the world during the Open and 3rd on the Norwegian leaderboard, behind Kristin Holte and Matilde Garnes.

Overall Standings
1. Sara Sigmundsdottir (840) – $12,000
2. Kristin Holte (812) – $6,000
3. Emma McQuaid (700) – $4,000

Sanctional Invite Standings
4. Andrea Solberg (640) – Games Invite
5. Sam Briggs (606)
6. Emelie Lundberg (600)

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