Thuri Helgadottir shared the news that she has been diagnosed with a Type 2 SLAP lesion on her shoulder. She suffered the injury back in August while “entering the water after being shot in the air off the blob.” (The blob is a large inflatable tube that shoots someone into the air)

Since the injury, Helgadottir has competed at the IWF World Championships, the Austrian Throwdown and the CrossFit Open.

Helgadottir’s shoulder has gotten progressively worse. Helgadottir was able to get through all five Open workouts despite being unable to do butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle-ups and heavy snatches. Fortunately for Helgadottir, the Open didn’t include any of those movements.

While surgery may still be required, Helgadottir is going to try a cortisone injection along with stability exercises and rest. If that does not work, Helgadottir may have to resort to surgery.

A Type 2 SLAP lesion is the most common type of SLAP tear. The superior labrum is completely torn off the glenoid and generally occurs because of a shoulder dislocation.

Helgadottir is currently in 64th overall on the women’s Open leaderboard. The leaderboard is still not finalized, however, as CrossFit is still conducting video review of the last two Open workouts.

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Somehow I have finished my 1️⃣0️⃣th #crossfit games OPEN 💥 (Here comes a personal best for longest post) I got the results from the MRI on my shoulder last week. Unfortunately I have a SLAP lesion 2. It was an acute injury when I was entering the water after being shot in the air off the blob in August. I really thaught it was nothing because I didn’t feel any pain in the afternoon or the following night. The day after (in one of my first workouts after the games) I had to change butterfly pull-ups into kipping chin ups and pull ups because I felt a really weird crack in my shoulder warming up the butterflies. I thought to myself that worst case scenario I had “pulled a muscle”. I didn’t do any pull ups that week knowing that it would hurt, and hoping I would be ready to compete the next weekend. A week later I was competing at the Austrian Throwdown, not aware that my shoulder was injured until in the warm up before the 5th workout on the third and last day which consisted of a lot of pull ups, C2B and bar MU with some hspu’s. I didn’t feel the cracking but a little pain in the back of my shoulder. I finished the workout without pain (adrenaline?!) and the last two workouts where the last one had muscle ups, still not in pain but just a weird feeling of kinda not being in place. I woke up the next day with some pain in my shoulder, and then I couldn’t even hang on the pull up bar two days later. Still I am not able to do butterfly pull ups, bar muscle ups or a heavy snatch. It’s easy to go down a whole of negative thinking and thoughts of “I should have” or “I shouldn’t have”! I decided to give me one day of crying and thoughts of regrets. Now I am going to see the positive sites and make the best out of my situation. I am so lucky to be able to look up to some of my fellow crossfit competitors that have proofed that you can come back from an injury even stronger. 🔥🔥🔥 I am giving a cortisone injection a try with a lot of stability exercises and some rest a chance before surgery. I am so thankful for all the amazing people around me here in Switzerland and my rocks back home in Iceland. You know who you are ❤️❤️❤️ #10thopeninthebooks #thankful

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