Lazar Dukic shows up as the 3rd fastest time on 20.5 with a time of 9:54. It is likely, however, the fastest time in the world. The top two scores on the leaderboard are from athletes who are not in the top 10,000 in the world overall.

Assuming these athletes’ scores are adjusted, Dukic will have the fastest male time in the world and the only sub-10 minute score. Dukic currently sits in 354th overall, but this is not his first time near the top of the leaderboard on an Open workout.

Last year, Dukic posted a score of 411 reps on 19.1, tied for the best score in the world. But after video review, he received a major penalty which dropped his score to 350 reps. If you remember 19.1, it was a couplet of rowing and wall balls…very similar to 20.5.

So it looks like the combination of rowing and wall balls is right up Dukic’s alley as he added ring muscle-ups to the mix and now has the fastest time in the world.

Dukic, along with every previous Open workout, has uploaded his video to YouTube. That means we can watch his full workout.

Muscle-ups: 15
Wall Balls: 35
Muscle-ups: 10 (25 total)
Wall Balls: 40 (75 total)
Rowing: 40 cals
Muscle-ups: 8 (33 total)
Wall Balls: 35 (110 total)
Rowing: 25 cals (65 total)
Muscle-ups: 7 (40 total)
Wall Balls: 10 (120 total)
Rowing: 15 cals (80 total)
TIME: 9:54

Dukic, despite his potential 1st place on 20.5, sits in 356th in the world. On 20.1, Dukic finished in 120th in the world, but received a major penalty, dropping him to 2,584th. Since that workout, however, Dukic had top 100 finishes on 20.2 and 20.4.

Dukic is tied for 1st place on the Serbian leaderboard. Dukic has 9 points and is tied with his brother, Luka Dukic. Lazar holds the tie breaker with four 1st place finishes on the Serbian leaderboard.