Sasha Nievas has posted the fastest time in the world for 20.4, faster than any man or woman. Nievas’ time on the clean and jerk ladder with some box jumps and pistols was an astounding 11:08.

Throughout the workout, Nievas takes little time to transition and rests almost no time between her clean and jerks. On round 4, Nieves touched a chalk bowl while doing several pistols…but was no repped for those (7:20 on the video). She ended up doing 34 pistols that round.

Round 1) 1:34 (65lb. barbell)
Round 2) 3:21 (85lb. barbell)
Round 3) 5:10 (115lb. barbell)
Round 4) 6:59 (145lb. barbell)
Round 5) 8:40 (175lb. barbell)
Round 6) 11:08 (205lb. barbell)

Nievas approached the final barbell at 9:50, meaning she took 1:18 to do the final five clean and jerks at 205 pounds! She power cleaned and power jerked all five!

Through 20.4, Nievas is sitting in 34th place in the world. She is just above the “Top 20” cut line and is in 2nd place on the Argentinian leaderboard. Nievas has 11 points while Melina Rodriguez, 1st in Argentina, has 6 points.

Nievas will need another strong performance on 20.5 to stay inside the Top 20 cut line. At just 22 years old, this is Nievas’ 3rd CrossFit Open. Last year she finished 635th in the world and 6th in Argentina.

Nievas does have a background in Olympic Weightlifting. In 2014, Nievas took 3rd place in the 58kg weight category at the Youth Olympic Games. Nievas finished with a 78kg snatch and 100kg clean and jerk.