10 Questions with Thundrbro Co-Creator Andrew Charlesworth


With the 2018 CrossFit Games season behind us, this is the time where CrossFitters usually take a step back, look at their training and try something new to improve for the next year. It is also a time where squat cycles and strength training reigns supreme…especially since the CrossFit Open is still over six months away.

Because now is the time to get big and strong, we reached out to Andrew Charlesworth, co-creator of the new hypertrophy training methodology Thundrbro. If you have not heard of Thundrbro yet, check out their Instagram page quickly (we’ll wait).

Ok, so if you’re looking to get huge this offseason, read our interview with Charlesworth to learn more about his and Dave Lipson’s background, what Thundrbro training entails and then go buy their ebook.

The Barbell Spin: For those who might not be familiar with you and Dave, can you give a little background of your athletic, coaching and programming backgrounds?

AC: Dave Lipson has a background background in Pro baseball and strength and conditioning. Has done programming for CrossFit and strength athletes alike for years. A

I (Andrew Charlesworth) have a background in College Basketball and a Major in Exercise Science. I also run an affiliate back in Michigan. Both of us work for CrossFit HQ and travel the world teaching Level 1 and Level 2 seminars. Athletically, we have both qualified for Regionals as individuals and had brief stints in multiple strength sports (powerlifting, strongman, etc)

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TBBS: Why did you create Thundrbro? How did the concept come together?

AC: We created Thundrbro because we saw a hole in the game and an opportunity. We saw a shift in people looking back towards more of a bodybuilding style training while incorporating compound functional movements. We all know that everyone wants to be jacked and be functional. That’s where we came up with the concept. Our goal was to have a platform to speak to bros (and brosaphina’s) and have a safe place for them. There is a good amount of hate and shit talking in the fitness industry and we wanted to use our power for good, not evil. We are all about a winning mindset and positivity!

TBBS: Can you give an overview of The 90-Day Thundrbro Get Huge Training Program?

AC: The 90-Day Program is meant to be done over 12 weeks. It is meant to be done 3x per week. The sessions are VERY challenging and have over 500 reps in each workout. We are super strict about our tempos and rest periods. Weight choices actually come secondarily to that. If you decide to do the program, most likely you will choose a weight that is too heavy and you will not be able to complete the set. That’s ok! Just adapt and learn and next time go lighter. The secret sauce is in the high volume with minimal rest which gets a large amount of muscle damage.

TBBS: Have you or anyone else testing the full 90-day program? If so, what results did you see?

AC: YES! RESULTS: GAINS However one thing that I think is pretty cool is that when people slow down the tempo of the movement, they really feel the muscular groups being used. Once they feel how to use certain muscle groups, they can apply more muscular to their training (CrossFit, Powerlifting, etc) Once they apply more muscle to their training…..they get better. With more people competing the program we will get more data, but I am guessing that people are actually going to get more than just Hypertrophy gains, we will see a boost in PERFORMANCE.

TBBS: How does the Hypertrophy in Functional Fitness differ from the Get Huge Training Program?

AC: Hypertrophy in Functional Fitness is an E-Book explaining the science of Hypertrophy training in the space of functional training. It also gives some example workouts and speaks briefly on supplementation and habits for increasing Hypertrophy. The Get Huge Training program is a laid out 3x per week template. We have specific body part and push/pull and squat/hinge sessions.

TBBS: What equipment do you need to do both types of programming?

AC: The BEST is having both machines and free weights. (Barbell, Ketlebell and Dumbell) We wanted this template to be able to be done in a Globo style gym or a traditional functional training gym. If you don’t have access to machines don’t fear, just use bands when you see fit.

TBBS: The 90-Day Training Program includes nutritional recommendations. How in-depth do you get around the nutritional aspect of the program?

AC: Very brief about nutrition. We actually have Nutrition partners that we plan on rolling out actual Thundrbro MEALS! We are so excited about this and cannot wait!


TBBS: Who should consider trying the Get Huge programming?

AC: Anyone looking to increase muscle Hypertrophy. Or anyone who wants to try something different! On average (according to my Fitbit) my average HR is 136 for the whole 90 minute session and I reach a max of 185 or so a few times and burn 981 calories. In terms of fitness I am a pretty fit guy who finishes top 100 in the open consistently. When I look at that data I don’t fear that I am “getting out of shape”

TBBS: It’s been 90 days, now what? What should someone do who wants to continue getting huge after completing the 90-day program?

AC: You could for sure rinse, recycle and repeat. I would also suggest after doing that much muscle hypertrophy work, retest maxes and benchmarks to see what has happened!!

TBBS: Do you have plans to launch other programs/e-books?

AC: WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! Look for different types of programs, more on nutrition, meal servicing, lessons on how to optimize testosterone, more gear and so much more!

Make sure you follow @thundrbro on Instagram. Also, follow Dave Lipson on Instagram (@davefreakinlipson) and Andrew Chalresworth (@andrewcharlesworth1) as well.

And finally, if you want to purchase one (or both) of the Thundrbro e-books, check out their website here. Oh, and they have some pretty cool apparel as well!