Online qualifiers provide the amazing opportunity to open up an event and make it a global competition. The CrossFit Open and Age Group Online Qualifier have allowed athletes to submit scores from around the world in order to advance to the next stage of competition.

Sometimes, however, submitted scores are not always accurate. From athletes accidentally miscounting or mistyping their scores to purposefully lying about their scores, these things can alter the leaderboard.

And while the very top athletes will have one (or two) videos officially reviewed, there are plenty that go unchecked.

To help solve this problem, WODProof has created a feature within its app that ensures the workout is completed within the workout window (no more redoing a workout because you didn’t record it the first time) and creates time stamp and non-editable text identifying which qualifier workout it is.

If the workout is completed before (i.e. you do the IOQ WOD 1 before the official start date), the video will not receive a WODProof GO watermark.

With this, Sanctionals or other online qualifier competitions can invalid the score because there is not a valid watermark with the video.

Right now, 11 Sanctionals have partnered with WODProof for their online qualifiers this season:

  • Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival
  • Norwegian CrossFit Championship
  • SouthFit CrossFit Challenge
  • Dubai CrossFit Championship
  • CrossFit Filthy150
  • CrossFit Atlas Games
  • CrossFit Strength In Depth
  • CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town
  • CanWest CrossFit Championship
  • CrossFit German Throwdown
  • CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown

So before you start doing the International Online Qualifier or the CrossFit Open, make sure to download the WODProof app (iTunes | Android)!

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