Angelo DiCicco Looks Ahead to 2018 CrossFit Games Season

Angelo DiCicco has had a good run competing in the Teens divisions at the CrossFit Games over the past three seasons. In 2015, the first year CrossFit held a Teen competition at the Games, DiCicco won the 14-15 Teenage Boys division. In 2016, DiCicco moved up to the 16-17 Teenage Boys division, taking 3rd place. This year, DiCicco finished up his CrossFit Teen competition career on top of the podium once again.

Following the Games, Reebok caught up with the Cookeville, Tennessee, native to talk about how he got into CrossFit and what the future holds for him as he ages up to the Open division.

For those that don’t know, DiCicco grew up and lives in the same town as Rich Froning. His CrossFit career started after Froning visited DiCicco’s school to talk about fitness and health. After Froning put the kids through a workout, DiCicco approached Froning about working out at his gym. Froning said yes and the rest is history.

Working out alongside Froning and others has helped DiCicco become one of the top teen athletes in the world, but as he moves out of the teen division it will become much more difficult to get back to Madison.

This past year we saw Nick Paladino and George Sterner, two of the top 17-year-old teens in 2016 who moved into the Open division this year, qualify for Regionals, but were unable to break into the top 5 to qualify for the Games.

With this in mind, DiCicco said he has new goals, “I have a few different goals. Maybe a second team for Mayhem. Maybe individual. I don’t know yet. Next year is going to be fun.”

Of course his long-term goal is to make it back to the CrossFit Games as an individual.

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