There are only five spots that advance to the CrossFit Games. Finishing just outside the top 5 is difficult knowing you have to wait 365 days to get another shot at your goal.

This weekend resulted in some heartbreaking finishes and some big names going home early. Here are some of the reactions of those who failed to qualify this year:

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I’ll try to make this short and sweet 😝 •••• So didn’t see this one coming 🤨I didn’t qualify for the @crossfitgames but you know what?! I wouldn’t change one thing about the weekend. I poured my heart and soul into my preparation, I gave it everything I had on the floor, and I had a ball!! •••• It’s been a wild 6 months. I’ve flipped my life upside down and taken leaps of faith that didn’t appear to have soft landings waiting on the other side—or any landings at all sometimes 😝through it all, I haven’t been let down ONCE. I’ve found so much joy and peace chasing after things I’m passionate about—Crossfit being one of them! ••• The interactions I had with so many people this weekend was so much more rewarding than any victory on a competition floor. And to me, THAT’S what it’s about. I’m not validated or defined by a qualifying spot. I’m validated and defined by Christ who has a perfect plan for my life🙌🏼 ••• Thank you everyone who cheered, sent messages, or stopped me to say hello. I LOVE being a part of all of your lives!! •••• I told you guys 2018 was gonna be wild. We’re only half way!! There’s still so much more action to come 😎🤩#peaceandblessings ✌🏼📸 @bearkomplex

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6th place. It’s a heartbreaking position to finish in. But to have had the opportunity to be in that position, to fight until the end, is something I am incredibly proud of. I can honestly say I did my best, stuck to my game plan, and executed on every event. Ultimately I fell a few points short of making the @crossfitgames. I am disappointed, but I have also never been more sure of myself or the path that I am on. The West Region is stacked with incredible athletes, well done to those who made it! — It would not have been possible without the coaching and guidance of Michael Fitzgerald (@optimum_performance_training) and Mike Molloy (@mike_m2pn) who believed in my abilities even when I did not. — The complexity of emotions experienced by competing with Alex are difficult to explain and not something many people can relate to. That will be another post. — Thank you @crossfitgames and @thedavecastro for an extremely well programmed weekend, what an incredible test of fitness. No doubt the 40 men and women who go to Madison deserve to be there. — To all the volunteer judges, athlete control, media and medical teams, THANK YOU. I’m well aware that the weekend would be impossible without your commitment to the sport. — Lastly, I appreciate every message and text. I didn’t respond to many of them but I read all of them ❤️. Your support means the world. Until next year! #Repost @crossfitphotojournal ・・・ 📷 @crossfit204 #CrossFitGames #WestRegional #Regionals2018 #CrossFitPhotoJournal @CrossFitGames @nova3labs @_thesefistsfly @m2performancenutrition

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I’m OK…. yes there is disappointment in not making it back to the games… but there is so much more to be proud of. I am not defined by the Games, it’s been a part of my journey, but The journey continues… I am proud of my performance this weekend, I attacked every workout, I gave my all and I took some risks, I did not put pressure on myself, I took it all in, and I fought every rep. I know some people don’t know what to say… But know that while I can be disappointed I’m also very proud, and beyond grateful for the people who love me for ME… I cannot thank these people enough… more posts to come but for now… @kmathews35_nextrung @xfactor_chris @meaghanjmcdonald @tiffanibrooks1 @lindsaymanthe @riverlou_boutique @kenn.kenna @fnx_fit @_thesefistsfly @iceagemeals @smashpack @todds_gym @dermalicious @crossfitsthelens @crossfitgames #momterri @in3nutrition @jasonphillips_in3 @virusintl @riserecoverlive @rxsmartgear @thedavecastro #volunteers #cfgstaff #sober #crossfit #dermalicious #iam

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Beaten but not broken. I have a lot of thoughts on how this past weekend went, but one constant is that my execution was flawed. I know I physically had what I needed to move on to the next stage. I know that my hesitation on the floor along with a few things outside of my control held me back. I know that I can always be more physically fit, but my mental fitness will be a top priority moving forward. I will not be defined by where I spend my first week in August. – – I know that I’m a whole lot fitter this year than I was last year and I’m extremely grateful for my family, my friends, and my sponsors for continuing to believe in me as an athlete and as a person. I love you all and you can’t do a thing about it. Thank you all. #illbeback #liketheterminator #hastalavistababy #makethechoice

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