AWOD – 6/12/17

The CrossFit Games season is an evolution of workouts that can be done in a garage (Open) to an arena (Regionals). Then, at the Games, anything is possible.

More often than not the events during the day include some form of running. In Carson, it was the berm in the soccer stadium. Whether it was Murph or the Climbing Snail or anything else in the soccer stadium, athletes needed to be ready to run.

Now that it is in Madison, who knows what to expect, but it’s highly likely to see more running. So Kari Pearce put together a grueling workout featuring running, every type of squat and some movement of heavy objects via sandbag carry, sled push and yoke carry.

Give it a shot and let us know how it was.

Via Kari Pearce:
For Time:
1 Mile Run
15 Overhead Squats (185/135)
800m Sandbag Carry
30 Front Squat (185/135)
400m Sled Push (+250/180)
45 Back Squats (185/135)
200m Yoke Carry (400/300)
60 Air Squats

Kari Pearce - AWOD 6/12/17
Kari Pearce – AWOD 6/12/17