Ben Smith Submits 19.1 Score Four Weeks Post-Surgery

Ben Smith, via Instagram, @bsmit13
Ben Smith, via Instagram, @bsmit13

It has been just four weeks since Ben Smith had surgery, but that did not stop him from signing up and submitting his score on 19.1. The 2015 CrossFit Games champion had his knee scoped one month ago to repair a torn meniscus and other damage in his knee.

Even though Smith will not qualify for the CrossFit Games via the Open this year, he practiced what he preached. In his caption on Instagram Smith said…

“Had a bunch of excuses and reasons not to do this, but you can’t just talk about it you gotta be about it. Practice what you preach. I don’t care what you say you’re gonna do, I care what you do. 4 weeks out from surgery and 10 weeks out from PRP. I Haven’t done a weighted squat/full squat in 10+ weeks, had to think about every squat and every pull on the rower and make sure they were quality reps and I was in the right position. This was what I had… TODAY. If you got me today, I’ll see you again in a few months and you better believe I’ll be better than today.”

Smith’s 297 reps placed way down the leaderboard in 20,245th worldwide.