Brent Fikowski Dominates the West Regional on Day 2

Screen cap from Brent Fikowski Demo WOD
Screen cap from Brent Fikowski Demo WOD

How does someone smile and cruise to a 52 second event record victory? We’re still not sure, but that is exactly what Brent Fikowski did earlier this afternoon at the West Regional.

Entering the day in 5th place, Fikowski needed some good finishes. On Event 3, Fikowski lunged down the floor, did 100 unbroken double-unders and made quick work of the 50 heavy balls in just three sets. From there, Fikowski used a technique employed by Katrin Davidsdottir in Week 1 (and Brooke Wells in Week 2) where he used his thighs to secure the rope before using his legs to clasp the rope.

Fikowski moved quickly on his way back through the chipper and on the final 100 feet of lunges, Fikowski smiled the last few feet on to an easy event victory and a 52 second event record that had been set by Mat Fraser during Week 1. After the event, Fikowski grabbed a drink and looked like he wasn’t even tired.

On Event 4, Fikowski continued his dominance as he paced his way to the front of the pack to take another event victory, although it wasn’t in record breaking time. Regardless, Fikowski walks away with 200 points from Saturday’s events and is now atop the West Regional standings.

Cody Anderson fell to second after starting the day in 1st place. Anderson is followed by CrossFit Games veteran Samuel Kwant and 6-time regional athlete Ryan Smith. On the bubble spot is Cole Sager, who is only 4 points ahead of Mitchel Stevenson in 6th.

Final Standings after Day 2:
1. Brent Fikowski (346)
2. Cody Anderson (336)
3. Samuel Kwant (335)
4. Ryan Smith (317)
5. Cole Sager (305)
6. Mitchel Stevenson (301)
7. Kevin Simons (284)