The past two CrossFit Games seasons for Brooke Ence have not gone her way. Ence missed qualifying for the Games in 2016 as she spent her offseason filming a movie rather than training. Last year Ence had surgery to repair herniated discs in her neck. This year Ence was back on the regional floor as part of her #comeback.

Ence, however, was dealing with another injury. Ence has a torn labrum in her left shoulder. This injury made the handstand obstacle walk very difficult, almost impossible. Ence was barely able to practice going up and over the ramp and stairs and left it up to competition to get her through the event.

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Ence would take 34th on Event 3.

After three finishes in 34th or worse to start the West Regional, Ence would finish much stronger with three top 14 finishes. Ence ended up 27th overall.

In Ence’s regional recap vlog, Ence shares her experience at regionals this year and how the comeback is still a work in progress. Ence focused on enjoying her time competing this year and it showed, even as she struggled. It is unclear how torn Ence’s labrum is and if it will require surgery. Ence competed in the Tough Mudder X this past weekend.