Chantelle Loehner Says Tainted Pre-Workout Supplement Responsible for Failed Drug Test

Chantelle Loehner via Instagram, @channybananny
Chantelle Loehner via Instagram, @channybananny

Chantelle Loehner has been suspended from CrossFit competitions for the next four years following a failed drug test at the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (MACC). Loehner, who qualified as an individual via the Open, was on Invictus X at the MACC. Invictus X would go on to win the Sanctional, but her failed drug test disqualified Invictus X.

Following the failed drug test, Loehner requested that her B sample be tested. That sample also came back positive for metabolites of Oral Turinabol. In an Instagram post yesterday, Loehner said he believes that Turbinabol was in a pre-workout supplement she was taking. She also said that the Swolverine supplements were not tainted. Loehner is sponsored by Swolverine.

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The appeals process is over and a decision on my length of ban has been made. While it’s not what I wanted or expected, it is out of my control and I must accept it. Fortunately, for my own sanity, I was able to identify the supplement that I was taking at the time I was tested that contained the substance (a metabolite of oral turinabol). This by no means makes it acceptable and I take on full responsibility for everything that goes into my body, but it at least alleviates some of the pain and anxiety through this whole process of hurting both myself and others. This was not any supplement that I had been taking from Swolverine, but rather a preworkout that I chose to take. ⁣ ⁣ I appreciate those who have supported and loved me through this process, and I cast no hate or judgment to those who have not. I will not let this moment in my life define me as a person. I am confident that these feelings of hurt, loss, anger, resentment, and everything else are only temporary. If anything it has helped me realize that I am capable of so much more and can continue to be successful in my journey. I don’t know what that looks like or what that means right now but I will never quit. With that, I will hold my head high and seize every future opportunity that crosses my path. 🖤

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In her statement, Loehner did not identify the pre-workout she was taking. We reached out to Loehner to find out which supplement she was taking. She has not yet responded.

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