Check Out What Shoes the CrossFit Games Athletes Will be Wearing in Madison

Reebok shoes the 2017 CrossFit Games athletes will receive. @tal_short/Instagram
Reebok shoes the 2017 CrossFit Games athletes will receive. @tal_short/Instagram

With Reebok sponsoring the CrossFit Games, the athletes are required to wear Reebok gear while competing. The athletes receive a ton of Reebok gear when checking in at the Games, including all of their clothing/uniforms as well as shoes.

The athletes receive various types of shoes including the most recent Nano, lifter and other shoes that the athletes might need to tackle the unknown and unknowable. What the athletes receive, however, can provide some clues to what Dave Castro might have in mind. For example, athletes received long pants last year for The Ranch Trail Run event.

Tal Short, Senior Product Manager – Reebok CrossFit, shared photos of what Reebok shoes the athletes will be receiving this year. But before we get into the specific shoes, the colorways have been toned down a bit compared to previous years although some of the shoes feature quite a bit of neon yellow/green.

The team, masters and teen athletes will receive four pairs of shoes including the Nano 7 Weave, Legacy Lifters, Speed Field and Harmony Road. The individual Open athletes will receive those four pair plus the Speed TR 2.0.

While everyone is familiar with the Nano 7 and Legacy Lifters, some may not be completely familiar with the other three shoes.

The Speed TR 2.0 are great for shorter runs, but can be used for mid-distance running (think 3-5 miles). Athletes will likely use these in workouts where there are 400m runs in the middle of an event or a mile or two run to begin an event.

Reebok Harmony Road Running Shoe
Reebok Harmony Road Running Shoe

The Reebok Harmony Road is your standard long-distance running shoe. It has a very high heel-to-toe drop of 13.2mm. To put this in perspective, the Legacy Lifter has a 22mm heel-to-toe drop. This makes it very difficult to use POSE running and forces the runner to land on the heel. According to Runner’s World, these shoes are on the heavy side of running shoes, but are very flexible. Check out Runner’s World Review of the Harmony Road.

The fact that these have been included suggests that the athletes will be running a very long distance. We know there is a Run-Swim-Run event in which all divisions will be doing. And…all divisions will be receiving the Harmony Road shoes. Coincidence?

The Reebok CrossFit Speed Field 2.0 are very similar to the Speed TR 2.0, but the sole features a sole with much more traction and grip for varied terrain. These will give the athletes more grip on grass and could be used on a shorter trail run. We think the athletes will wear these on events similar to that of what we have historically seen in the StubHub Soccer Stadium (i.e. Climbing Snail).