Corey Bellemore Breaks Beer Mile World Record (Again)

Many CrossFit affiliates around the world host a Beer Mile competition to bring its members together for some fun, fitness and a lot of beer. But while most of those attending an affiliate’s fun Beer Mile event, there are actually official beer mile rules and even a Beer Mile World Record.

This past Saturday, October 28, 2017, Corey Bellemore broke his own Beer Mile World Record. Bellemore consumed four beers and four laps (one mile) in 4:33.6!

Yes, you read that right…Bellemore ran a mile AND drank four beers that fast. His time yesterday breaks his own record, set in July of last year, of 4:34.35.

The next fastest time was 5:07 by Garrett Cullen.

Bellemore hails from Canada and is currently training to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.