CrossFit Athletes and Their Superstitions During Competition

CrossFit Superstitions

For those who don’t believe in superstitions, following a specific routine or wearing the same clothing can seem really odd. But for the rest, the key to success might rest in eating the same candy at every competition.

We asked some CrossFit athletes what superstitions that had during competitions or while training. Here’s what they had to say.

Kristi Eramo

“I always lift in the same spot and squat in the same spot when training. Once I lift good there I always head back to that same spot.”

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Carleen Mathews

“My biggest one is my hair…my best friends braids my hair for big competitions and has since college softball. I played softball so I can get into superstitions easily. I used to have a lucky pair of underwear but they failed. So I retired them. During last year’s Open I wore the same tank for every Open workout as it was good luck tank!!!”

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Cory Gibson

“I have a few. I re-tie my shoes twice in warm-up. The only candy I’ll eat in a competition is sour patch kids. I go to the bathroom before I warm up…in training, I use the same stall. I eat Waffle House for breakfast every morning before a competition.”

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Michael Palomba

“I always put my initials right near the starting mat on the floor anywhere before an event.”

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Kenzie Riley

“I’m not sure I’d call it a superstition, more like rituals…like how I approach the bar or how I set up for a lift.”

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Cassidy Duffield

“In any weightlifting event in CrossFit I have to wear my volt Nike Romaleos and volt Nike socks that match. It’s the shoes I was wearing when I won USAW Nationals in 2014 so I feel like they make me lift like a national champion all the time.

Also, Swedish Fish. At every competition.”

James Hobart

“The pair of compression I wear on Day 1 at the Games I wear everyday through Sunday. Also, for a long time I used to pretty much snack on M&Ms and Goldfish during comp weekend…but that was not a good approach.”

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Jared Enderton

“I wear the same shirt for every single Open workout, but that’s about it. Nothing as far as regionals or other competitions though.”

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But not everyone has their superstitions…

Brent Fikowski

“Not in CrossFit, but I used to have superstitions when I was a swimmer. I would eat a single grape pez before every race. I had lucky clothes and specific little habits I would maintain before each race. I decided that it was interfering with my performance and they were all dumb so I got rid of them.”

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Tennil Reed-Beuerlein

“I am more of a believer that I’m in control of my effort and the rest I leave up to God.”

Jared Stevens

“I broke that habit a long time ago playing football. It was just one more thing to use as an excuse if something didn’t go as planned.”

So what are your superstitions? Let us know in the comments below!