CrossFit Fires Russell Berger After Tweeting LGBTQ a “Sin”

Yesterday afternoon in response to an Indianapolis CrossFit gym’s decision to cancel a workout supporting Pride month, Russell Berger, an employee of CrossFit, Inc., fired off three tweets expressing his viewpoint of the LGBTQ movement. Berger’s viewpoint that “celebrating ‘pride’ is a sin” outraged those on Twitter.

Shortly after his third tweet in which Berger wanted to “double-down” and clarify his viewpoint “since the Twitter mobs are hard at work trying to get me (Berger) fired,” Berger’s tweets were taken down (archived screenshots below).

Russell Berger Tweet

Russell Berger tweet

CrossFit quickly tweeted a quote by CrossFit, Inc. founder and CEO Greg Glassman.

Later that afternoon CrossFit announced it had placed Berger on unpaid leave while CrossFit’s management conducted its review of the situation. That review did not last long as three hours later CrossFit shared that it had terminated Berger’s employment with the company.

Prior to Berger’s termination, Berger was one of the leading voices of CrossFit in the company’s fight against big soda as well as protecting the brand against scientific studies that said CrossFit is dangerous. Berger was one of the authors of a blog hosted on the CrossFit website, the, and contributed to the CrossFit satire blog, The Overheard Press.

According to Berger, he joined CrossFit, Inc. in 2009 and via Twitter labeled himself as Chief Knowledge Officer. CrossFit, Inc., however, has commented that Berger’s official title was only “legal researcher”.

As for the gym in the center of the controversy, CrossFit Infiltrate, the gym officially closed its business last night. Following the tweet storm and national media coverage, employees and members of the gym quit and went to neighboring CrossFit gyms. The owners posted a sign on their doors stating the gym will no longer operate its business.