CrossFit Invictus Publishes E-Book: “12 Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs to Know Before Competing”

CJ Martin via Instagram - @cjinvictus

As the CrossFit Games gets bigger and more competitive each year, CrossFit HQ is continuing to ramp up its drug testing program to be as thorough as possible. On top of that, the list of prohibited substances continues to grow and it is becoming harder and harder to stay on top of everything that will result in a failed positive drug test.

And while obvious substances can generally be easily avoided, there are some chemicals that are in everyday products that could result in a disqualification following a drug test. To help athletes who are thinking about competing, whether in the CrossFit Games, Olympic Weightlifting or any other sport that is subject to drug testing, CrossFit Invictus has published an E-Book titled, 12 Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know Before Competing.

In the free E-Book, just requires you to enter your email address, it looks into 12 substances that you should be aware of when competing. While it covers SARMs, which made headlines a month ago following Ricky Garard’s failed drug test and suspension, the E-Book talks about substances like ADHD medications, nootropics and nasal decongestants.

To get a free copy of the E-Book, go here.

CJ Martin's E-Book Cover
CJ Martin’s E-Book Cover