When Dave Castro changed the team format of the 2018 CrossFit Games season, many quickly wondered how Rich Froning and team would react. The answer? Create two teams.

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom and CrossFit Mayhem Independence were born. The two 4-person teams were heavily weighted to Froning’s ‘Freedom’ team, but there were still four top athletes on the ‘other’ team.

After two days at the Central Regional, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom is sitting in 1st place…as expected. But in 4th place is CrossFit Mayhem Independence. The team consisting of Darren Hunsucker, Elly Kabboord, Kristin Miller and Ted Starkweather are 42 points ahead of CrossFit Kilo 2 and CrossFit Alpha Dog tied in 6th place.

If the standings hold, CrossFit Mayhem will be sending two teams to Madison the first week of August.

Standings after Day 2:
1) CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (388)
2) OC3 Black (356)
3) CrossFit 417 (328)
4) CrossFit Mayhem Independence (416)
5) CrossFit Kilo (292)
6) CrossFit Kilo 2 (274)
7) CrossFit Alpha Dog (274)