CrossFit Requests Videos of 17.3 for Video Review Process

Travis Williams during 17.3 of the CrossFit Open
Travis Williams during 17.3 of the CrossFit Open

As we mentioned in our article, “The CrossFit Open is Over, Now What?”, CrossFit requires the top athletes in each region to submit a video for review prior to locking down the leaderboard and sending out Regional invitations. Last night, CrossFit sent out an email asking for video of 17.3 to review.

We have already seen the videos of Kara Webb and Ben Smith since they won the heavy snatch ladder and chest-to-bar couplet and we say 17 year-old George Sterner kill it, but now all of the top athletes have to upload their video for CrossFit to review.

We’ve found some videos of top athletes for those interested in watching them put up some big weight. Each video starts on the final set of snatches.

Alex Vigneault (2nd North East)

Brooke Wells (1st North Central)

Graham Holmberg (24th Central East)

Anthony Davis (1st North Central)

Jessica Griffith (7th North Central)

Nick Urankar (6th Central East)

Noah Ohlsen (1st South East)

Marquan Jones (8th North East)

Katrin Davidsdottir (1st North East)

Chyna Cho (1st Northern California)

Travis Williams (2nd South Central)