Dani Speegle Enters Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge as the Favorite

Dani Speegle at 2019 Strength in Depth Sanctional. Photo courtesy of WOD and PIX.
Dani Speegle at 2019 Strength in Depth Sanctional. Photo courtesy of WOD and PIX.

Dani Speegle will be going to the CrossFit Games (pending video review of 19.1 and 19.3). Speegle, one of the rising stars in the sport finished 5th worldwide in the CrossFit Open. She has also competed in three Sanctional events so far, but this weekend she will make it her fourth.

Speegle will be in Washington, D.C., this weekend to compete in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge (MACC). It is the first Sanctional following the Open this season and there will likely be much less pressure than her previous three Sanctionals.

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It begins TODAY! #gamestraining #roadtothegames • • •throughout this season I’ve made the mistake of rushing back into training after events and I found myself burnt out, exhausted -both mentally and physically – and I struggled to keep intensity in my training. Not this time. After the open I took time off to relax and recover. I spent time with amazing friends, ate too much food, got too much sun, slept a lot, and did stuff outside of the gym. • • •we’re about 4 months out from the @crossfitgames and I feel ready for the training to change. I feel ready to attack my workouts again. I feel ready to pour everything I have into these next 4 months. See you soon Madison. ✊🏼 #trainlikedelle #crossfit #delleathletics • • 📸 👉🏼 @furyphotography @bornprimitive

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Heading into the weekend, Speegle is the favorite to win. After two 5th place finishes and a 3rd place finish at previous Sanctional events, Speegle will be squaring off against CrossFit Games veterans Meg Reardon, Paige Semenza and multi-year Regional athletes like Kristine Best, and Katie Trombetta.

While Speegle is the favorite to win, her Open finish means that an invite to the CrossFit Games will go to the next best finish. To make things even more interesting, Kristine Best finished in the top 20 of the Open and Katie Trombetta is just one spot away from getting an invite via the Open. Trombetta is two spots below the “blue” line, but would be next in line to qualify if an athlete declines their invite. Trombetta would get an invite if Tasia Percevecz declines her invite and officially goes team.

Assuming both Best and Trombetta are in, it will come down to the next best finish. That could mean 2016 Games athlete Meg Reardon or 2017 veteran Paige Semenza could receive an invite to the Games. Reardon and Semenza will have to fend off Amanda Hardeman, Sarah Scholl and Paige Henry, all Regional athletes.

The MACC begins Friday, April 12.

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