Exclusive Interview: Alexandre Caron Discusses His Knee Injury and Withdrawal from the Games

Alexandre Caron at the 2018 CrossFit Games. Photo via Instagram, @alex.caron
Alexandre Caron at the 2018 CrossFit Games. Photo via Instagram, @alex.caron

On Wednesday of the CrossFit Games, the athletes headed to the North Park Stadium for the CrossFit Total. Just a few minutes after completing 30 muscle-ups for time, platforms were set up for max effort back squats, shoulder presses and deadlifts.

During the first heat, it started to rain. The commentators made several comments about the rain possibly making the platforms slippery. Shortly after that, Alexandre Caron slipped on his final back squat and injured his knee. Caron would go on to finish the event, but would withdraw prior to the Marathon Row.

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Yesterday, I had to withdraw from the @crossfitgames. I got a knee injury during the squat. _ I still don't have the final verdict on the extent of the injury. After consulting the medical staff, we agreed that there was no way I could go on with the competition. _ Thank you everyone for your support I truly appreciate it. I will be back. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hier, j'ai dû me retirer des @crossfitgames. Je me suis blessé au genou pendant le squat. _ Je n'ai pas le verdict final quant à la nature de la blessure. Après avoir consulté l'équipe médicale, nous avons convenu qu'il n'y avait pas de façon que je puisse continuer la compétition. _ Merci beaucoup tout le monde pour le support, je l'apprécie vraiment. Je serai de retour.

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In an exclusive interview, we talked with Caron about what happened Wednesday afternoon.

The Barbell Spin: Was there any concern from you or the CrossFit Games staff about safety when it started raining?

Alexandre Caron: Prior to heading onto the field, I was focusing on what I had to do and the staff on keeping the tight schedule running. Weather was secondary.

TBBS: Can you describe what happened on your final back squat?

AC: On my last backsquat, I couldn’t lift it, so I tried to push it away, my left foot slipped and my right knee popped in. At that point, someone from the medical staff was watching me and told me to stay on the ground, because he had seen my knee popped. I was still not sure that my competition was over, but I was feeling something really weird in my knee.

I went on to finish the event and still got 2 PR’s, strict press and deadlift. [TBBS: Caron would end up taking 10th in the event with a 435-lbs back squat, 215-lbs shoulder press and 555-lbs deadlift.]

TBBS: What is the extent of your injury?

AC: Right after the event, I was assessed by the medical staff. They took X-rays to make sure nothing was broken and mentioned the possibility of ligaments injury. When I get home, I will get an MRI to see the extent of the damage.

TBBS: At what point did you decide to withdraw from the Games?

AC: Regarding the CrossFit Games, the medical staff told me they wouldn’t allow me on the field for anything high impact. They said I could do the row, but I was risking further damage to my knee. They strongly suggested not doing it. I really wanted to do the row and complete what was arguably the hardest day at the Games, but the decision was made that I pull out of the competition.

TBBS: Where do you go from here?

AC: Now, the focus is on getting myself back to a 100% and hopefully be ready for 2019.

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