Individual Event 1 Will Have 20 Athletes In Each Heat

Set up of the 2017 CrossFit Regional floor, via Dave Castro
Via Twitter - @cfthedavecastro

Just as we thought, Event 1 will have 20 athletes in each heat. The Regionals floor has historically had 10 lanes, which is also has this year, but with all bodyweight movements on Event 1, the athletes will be sharing a lane with a fellow competitor.

This means that instead of the top 5 from each region battling it out in the final heat, the top 10 from each will compete at the same time. This is huge for those athletes who would have been in the next to last heat had 10 athletes gone at a time based on our analysis earlier this week.

The larger heats will help speed up the day and will give less advantage to the top finishers of the Open. Will we see more athletes who finished near the middle of the pack during the Open start off Friday near the top of the leaderboard? We will soon find out as the individual athletes at the East Regional take the floor at 12:30pm Eastern.