Interview with Gretchen Kittelberger, President of International Functional Fitness Federation

Facebook Live interview with Gretchen Kittelberger

Last night we interviewed Gretchen Kittelberger, President of the International Functional Fitness (iF3), on Facebook Live and talked about the iF3 and what we can expect from the new functional fitness organization.

Kittelberger covered how the team started with a concept a year ago and have developed it to get it to a point where the first national championship will be hosted by USA Functional Fitness in September. She also discussed as much of the format as she can at this point – six events over two days featuring aerobic capacity, strength, bodyweight endurance, bodyweight skill, mixed modal and power.

To learn more about the iF3 and the USAFF, check out their websites:

iF3 website

USAFF website